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I was a hardcore Sales guy in my initial days of career


After the completion of my MBA, I strongly believed that Sales & Marketing is the best field to excel.


So, I decided to learn the practical aspects of what I learned and decide to join the bottom line up so that I get some exposure.


As planned, I spend my initial years as a Sales Officer and in my whole journey as a Sales Officer, I’ve always tried to come up with new ideas in my territory.


But as you know the job of a sales person is a bitter one.


It is not an easy job and people working in this field faces many problems.


The biggest challenge is to stay motivated. That too in a low salary!!!


 Just combine these two things, and it’s understandable that each day sales people struggle with remaining motivated and doing their job properly.


 A salesperson is responsible for many things and he plays huge part in providing growth and further development of the company.


Many a times I’ve struggled to meet my targets in the initial period but I can tell after the initial struggle I’ve never failed.


Even for a month.


I’ve to ride my bike around 9 hrs daily to cover my territory for meeting retailers and Distributors.


For many sales people, overcoming objections is normally hard


 But for me, the hardest part was the hours. – 60 hours a week!!!


I’ve lost years of weekends with my friends and family, missed weddings, birthdays, holidays, vacations, you name it.


60 hours a week is not what the human body wants to work.


Keep this in mind if you’re looking to get into sales.


One day I woke up and I couldn’t move.


The stress was so gradual that I didn’t notice it until I couldn’t get out of bed.

It almost took me 10 minutes to get up from bed.

I couldn’t make a fist without severe pain and stiff clicking and creaking in my joints.

Worse, I felt very close to death.

Here’s the kicker: I’m the breadwinner in the family and my daughter was only 6 years old.

At last, I decided to go for traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

For the first time I listened to my brain and started a natural diet.

I decided to quit my job and went for a treatment for 41 days.




By the time I finished my 41 days of treatment, I went for learning Yoga.

Yoga practices and diet helped me to come back to my life within 3 months.


One day, I got an interview letter from a PSU.


The interview went well and I got a better job in a PSU sooner as  Deputy Manager -Marketing.

My advice to anyone who’s at a crossroads, no matter the size of the decision that needs to be made, is to ask yourself a few questions, and answer honestly.

Listen to your gut.

Your brain will play tricks on you, rationalizing all sorts of tricky things.

But your gut will never lie to you.

Trust it…


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